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Dr.Favill Collin Brian M.A, M.Ed, D.Litt (H C)

Dr.Favill Collin Brian M.A, M.Ed, D.Litt (H C)


Dr. Favill Collin Brian has diverse teaching experience  Internationally and Locally both at college and school levels and he also served on the three boards of education namely the Matriculation Board, Anglo-Indian Board and CBSE Boards. He had the distinction of attending numerous workshops at the State and National level. He has also conducted a number of workshops for staff and students at the District and State level.

Principals Message
It is my privilege to state that Shri Ramachandra School has the lofty aims of providing good education to members of the community. We are confident of providing a holistic education catering the mental, physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional development of the child and bringing out the very best in them.

We spare no effort in recruiting the best qualified faculty from various parts of the country keeping in mind the children academic development and providing them a comprehensive education through innovative teaching methodology.
Children are encouraged to pursue academic excellence in a fun loving atmosphere thus making learning an unforgettable experience in our institution.

We are confident of fulfilling our goals by grooming future leaders with a global perspective and Indian ethos.

Certifications received from foreign university

1. Higher Order Reading Skills the Registrar, University of Brunei Darussalam.
2. Certification from the Vice Chancellor of University of Brunei Darussalam for mentoring of Teacher Trainee.

Certification of Awards

His hard work and dedication brought him a number of certifications and award

  1. BEST TEACHER Award , Brunei Darussalam 20th October ,2007
  2. Certificate of Merit and Appreciation from CHENNAI SAHODAYA SCHOOL COMPLEX and LIMRA OVERSEAS EDUCATION Jan 23rd 2016 (CBSE)
  4. Certificate of Merit and Appreciation from CHENNAI SAHODAYA SCHOOL COMPLEX and LIMRA OVERSEAS EDUCATION Jan 11th 2017 (CBSE)
  5. BEST TEACHER AWARD 3RD Annual Day Celebrations, LAKSHYAM EDUCARE & EVENTS PVT LTD 24-09-17.
  6. Global Role Model Teacher Award, selected from the Best Principal Category presented on 12th Dec 2018 at Hyderabad.
  7. Excellent Teacher Award presented by the Tamilnadu Teachers Association on 27th Jan 2018 from Thiru.Benjiman Minister of Rural Industries, Government of Tamilnadu.
  8. Life Time Achievement Award presented Tamilnadu Teachers Association on 28th Jan 2018 from Thiru.Benjiman Minister of Rural Industries, Government of Tamilnadu.
  9. Awarded a D.Litt by International Tamil University USA on 31st March 2018.
  10. Rashtriya Guru Gaurav VidhyaRatan Award, selected from the Best Principal Category presented on 05th September 2018 at Hyderabad



S.No Name of the Teacher Designation Qualification Teaching Experience
1 Dr. Favill Collin Brian Principal M.A (English), M.Ed, D.Litt (HC) 33 Yrs
2 Ms.Padmavathy V PGT M.A ( English), B.Ed   7  Yrs
3 Ms.Lalitha.P PGT M.Sc (Maths),B.Ed  5 Yrs
4 Mrs. S.Priyadharshini PGT M.Sc ( Physics ), B.Ed  9 Yrs
5 Mr.Siva.K PGT M.Sc (Chemistry),M.Phil, B.Ed  11 Yrs
6 Mr.Arunachalam R PGT M.Sc (Botany),M.Phil, B.Ed   7 Yrs
7 Mr.Arikrishnan.S PGT M.Com, B.Ed  2 Yrs
8  Mr.Gopi T PGT M.A(Economics),B.Ed 2 Yrs
9 Ms.Rajeshwari.V PGT M.Sc ( Computer Science ), B.Ed 6 Yrs
10 Ms.Little Flower M TGT M.A ( Tamil ), B.Ed  14 Yrs
11 Ms.Janaki.M TGT B.A ( English ),B.Ed 2 Yrs
12 Mrs.Masoodunnisa M A TGT B.A ( Hindi ),B.Ed 25 Yrs
13 Mr.Jancy TGT M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed  10 Yrs
14 Mrs. P .Gowri TGT  M.A(English),M.A(Economics),B.Ed 12 Yrs
15 Mrs.Rathika.B TGT MBA,M.Sc(Computer),B,Ed 4.5 Yrs
16 Ms.Kasthuri S TGT M.Sc ( Maths ), B.Ed. 2 Yrs
17 Mrs.Jayalakshmi PRT M.A (Tamil),B.Ed 12 Yrs
18 Mrs.Elavarasi.J PRT M.A(English),M.Phil ,B.Ed 3 Yrs
19 Mrs.Subhashini.S PRT B.A(Hindi),D.El.Ed 13.5 Yrs
20 Mrs.Kalamari PRT M.Sc (Maths ), B.Ed. 6 Yrs
21 Mrs.Suganthi S PRT B.Sc (Chemistry), B.Ed, MBA  4.9 Yrs
 22 Mrs.Jayanthi.A PRT M.C.A,B.Ed 1 Yr
23 Mrs.Sajitha sree C NTT B.A (English), ESOL[Dip in Montessori]  15 Yrs
 24 Ms.Sathya NTT M.Sc(Physics),M.Phil, B.Ed  2 Yrs
 25 Ms.Santhi S NTT B.A ,B.Ed  –
 26 Mrs.Stella. K COUNSELLOR AND WELLNESS TEACHER M.Sc (Computer Science), B.Ed, M.Sc (PSy)  6 Yrs
 27 Ms.Ramathilagam. R SPECIAL EDUCATOR B.Sc (B.Ed), Special Edu  6 Yrs
 28 Mr.Chandru PHYSICAL EDUCATION B.COM , M.PED , Diploma in Yoga 1 Yr
 29 Mrs.Mahalakshmi PHYSICAL EDUCATION B.COM , B.PED    2 Yrs
 30 Mr.Ganeshkumar R  Librarian  B.A(Tamil), M.Lib    2 Yrs
 31 Mrs. Aswinikumari T Calligraphy B.Litt., Diploma in Art (Calligraphy)     22 Yrs
 32 Mr.E. Gnanasekar Silambam Master National Player     15 Yrs
 33 Mr.Vijaya Kumar R Karate  Diploma in Karate(Association),National Re (KIO)  23 Yrs
34 Mr. E. Muthu Kumar Music/Dance  Bharatanayam & Western     28 Yrs
35 Mrs.Geeta Devi Art & Craft Drawing    11 Yrs
    36 Mrs.Vidhya G Office B.Sc(Chemistry)   3 Yrs
    37 Mr.Gokulakrishnan.P Mobility Incharge B.E(EEE) 3 Yrs



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