Pre School Curriculum


A Pre-School is your child’s first experience away from you. Let your child embark on a new journey to a happy beginning in SRCS. This curriculum emphasizes that the child will Play, Learn and Grow to imbibe essential life skills through curiosity, exploration and discovery in a fun-filled and happy learning environment. We endeavour to develop self-confidence and the ability to effectively communicate in English at pre-school itself, so that the children can express themselves freely. The curriculum prepares children for a smooth transition to a formal Primary curriculum. Celebration of festivals introduces them to diverse traditions and cultures.

Primary School Curriculum

The Primary School comprises classes 1 to 5. This curriculum offers a healthy mix of exciting and creative learning environment, with an inter-disciplinary appreciation of sound language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts and understanding of Scientific and Social concepts., as individual and integrated subjects. The children are encouraged to inquire, explore and discover things on their own through wide range of hands-on activities. This enhances their abilities to think out of the box, express themselves freely and develop positive self-esteem. There are no examinations in the primary School and the progress of the child is evaluated through close observation and monitoring of the day to day activities of the child in a seamless manner.
Many things can wait. Children cannot. Today their bones are being formed, their blood is being made, their senses are being developed.

To them we cannot say “tomorrow.” Their name is today.”

- Gabriela Mistral

Middle School Curriculum

The middle school comprises classes from 6 to 8. These years are the period of rapid development and transition. The emphasis is on strengthening of core concepts and building a bridge for a comfortable transition into High School. Academics become more structured to make each topic interesting and unique. Teachers take special care in sustaining friendly relationships with children, attempting to keep abreast of all round development of individuals as well as the changing patterns in peer relationships. After the introduction and initial laying down of parameters subject concepts and skills are learnt through interactive classroom teaching, teacher-designed learning material, audio-visual media, laboratory work and field trips. This makes the concepts comprehensively and cohesively understood. Students are encouraged to engage in group discussions, questioning, think for themselves and contribute effectively. Students with difficulties in subject areas are supported through special classes. Middle school assemblies, spiritual classes, and public speaking are some of the ways of helping students become more aware of the world and of themselves, think and reason more deeply and they are encouraged to be independent and work on their own.
“Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later.”
– Dana Stewart Scott


Arni – Chetpet Road,
Vinnamangalam Village, Arni,
Tiruvannamalai District

School Hours

M-S: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Sunday: Closed


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